Music composer Imman, who entertained the people of Usilampatti at the Pongal festival, was given a souvenir by 6 directors!

Music composer D. Imman visited the Butterfly Carnival organized by FRIENDS FILM FACTORY & BUTTERFLY NETWORK in Usilambatti, Madurai district and made the people of Usilambatti happy by giving awards.

As a way of thanking him, today on Thaipusa Thirunal, 6 directors Rajesh.M, Ponram, Chellayyavu, Gururamesh, Anand Narayan, M.P.Gopi prayed to Aru Pada Murugan and gave him a souvenir on behalf of FRIENDS FILM FACTORY TEAM.

Music director D.Imman, who received this, was moved and proud, “My mother is no longer with us, but through this memorial gift, I feel as if my mother is still alive with my family” and thanked all the 6 directors who gave the memorial gift.