Produced by – Filia Entertainment Pvt Ltd. & Kuviyam Media Works
Written and Wielded by – Raako. Yoagandran
Cast – Rakshan, Malina, Dheena, Swetha Venugopal and Munishkanth
Censor Rating – U
Running Time – 137 Minutes
Rating – ***

Movies the themes of which are set around school life, especially co-ed schools mostly glorify love between boys and girls which on most occasions are nothing more than calf-love or infatuation!

Here too, the premise is similar but sans any kind of vulgarity which eventually stands out as the film’s USP!

Karthik (Rakshan), Salim (Dheena) and a few others are close friends but their intimacy never ever cross limits of decency! Saranya
(Swetha Venugopal) and newcomer Priyadardhini (Malina) become close while Karthik is drawn closer to Priyadardhini and he awaits an opportunity to express himself which never happens till their school life draws to a close!
A decade hurries past while a litigation against the school management re-unites them all for a while.
Some are married while some others are not!
Karthik is still holding the torch for Priyadardhini who has just been betrothed!

The ligitation gets resolved finally ; so does the love of Karthik as the plot takes a twist at the end!
Munishkanth as the P. T. Master is subdued here, for a change!
Gopi Duraisamy ‘ s camera work deserves mention while Sachin Warrier’ s music is passable.