Produced by – SSB Films
Written and Directed by – Muthu
Cast-Satvik Verma, Nayan Karishma, Surekha Vani, Sriman, Jack Robinson, Amritha Halder etc
Censor Rating – A
Running Time – 131 Minutes
Rating – **1/2

Coming of age movies with the plot woven around the life and times of adolescents turned teenagers – we have seen so many times. Either they turn out to be docu-dramas or they go overboard while exploiting it in the pretext of exposing the scenario!
Here is a classic case wherein all the above mentioned aspects have been fabulously fabricated of course with the oopmh elements in place!

2K KIDS – we all are aware of their aspirations as well as to enjoy life to the hilt and in the bargain they tend to cross limits!
The screenplay showcases it all, widely and deeply!
Not only the 2K KIDS concerned but also their parents as well as the other elders there at home should try to learn a lesson or two!