Produced by – Maruthi Films & H Pictures

Scripted and Helmed by Aathityaa

Cast – Vidharth, Poorna, Thrigun and Subhashree and Mysskin

Censor Rating – U/A

Running Time – 117 Minutes

Rating – **1/2

Would-be hubbies having an affair at office with his deputy who wears an appetizing appearance is nothing uncommon; but what stands out is the situation that a stockily built youth falls for a married woman with marital issues while looking forward not for an affair but seeking motherly love and affection! It appears a bit strange but that is what is the crux of the plot!Myyskin ‘ s music focuses more on the background score with domineering violin effects while the songs are passable.Vidharth doesn’t exactly fit into the character of a guy who continues to spend time with his clandestine affair while his status is that of a guy just married!Poorna has put her heart and soul into her character and looks good too.Thrigun looks handsome and his performance too is natural.Mysskin’ s characterization is as mysterious as ever!Both the families are shown as belonging to the Christian community but the director displays statues of Buddha more than once.Unable to decipher what is he hinting at!The climax sequences are chaos filled!Mysskin ‘ s role play at the end could have been planned and executed better!