Produced by – People Media Factory
Written and Directed by –
Karthik Yogi
Cast – Santhanam, Meghan Akash, John Vijay, Ravi Maria, Nizhalgal Ravi etc.
Censor Rating – U
Running Time – 145 Minutes
Rating – ***

What is it about?
A light hearted comic tale that showcases the Santhanam brand of humor, merging it with the misuse of religious beliefs, rituals and sentiments.

Upsides – A joke a minute kind of scenes and sequences with that tickles the funny bones of the viewers to the maximum possible extent leading them to go into gales of laughter! Like it was in the case of DD Returns, Santhanam has given enough and more space for his co-artistes too which stands out as the film’s USP!
It is surprising to note Nizhalgal Ravi has tried out comedy well that it would be fair to say that he has emerged reasonably successful!
The supporting cast of comedians too have contributed well.

Downsides – Given the contemporary trend of politicising religion, showcasing a protagonist who exploits the vulnerability of less educated folks from a village, especially when he happens to be a non – believer- the scenario could have been moulded differently.

Verdict – Go watch it to feel the fun and frolic sprinkled all over, liberally that has been released in over 600 screens, globally!