Produced by – S R Film Factory

Directed by – S. R. Rajan

Cast – Ragini Dwivedi, Muruga Ashok, Billy Murali, Aarthi Shree, Aadhav Balaji & Manobala

Censor Rating – U/A

Running Time – 119 Minutes

Rating – **1/2

Crime thrillers are of several kinds but this one is of a different kind!Debutante Rajan has come up with one such crime thriller that involves the use of or the misuse of technology! After shortlisting a candidate, the brains behind the criminal activity move their coins rather technically and tactfully, drawing the chosen one into a crime-web while minting money in the bargain but unfortunately the candidates get into all kinds of trouble!Ragini Dwivedi is full of vigor and gets triggered for a physical combat when provoked!She is employed with a realtor (Late Manobala, who gets roughed up frequently!) and draws a blank as she is unable to solicit clients.She shares her apartment with a couple of her friends.In a crisis situation, she walks into trouble while responding to an E Mail.How she responds to the situation while remaining proactive at the beginning and turning reactive at the end is the action packed rest.Ashok looks handsome ; fights and romances well but real success keeps eluding him as his character here faces an unexpected twist towards the climax.M. Selvam ‘ s camera has captured the action scenes effectively.Gavaskar Avinash’ s musical acumen is reflected through his tunes.It is a good pass time for those patronizing crime thrillers…