Produced by – Green Channel Movies
Produced and Directed by – Winstar Vijay
Cast – Winstar Vijay, Deblina, Priya, Gumthaz, Joe Malluri etc.
Censor Rating – U/A
Running Time -119 Minutes
Rating – ***

Journalist and PRO, Winstar Vijay scores well in a double role besides producing and directing this flick that is loaded with twists and turns besides action and romance.
The protagonists deliver a couple of messages too.
While the elder brother Desing is a cop the younger one, Raja is a rising Volleyball player.

As is the case on most occasions, the elder is forced to face a lot of challenges in his job while forces are at work to undermine the efforts of the younger to attain National glory in the game.

How the siblings emerge triumphant by overcoming all odds is the action packed rest.

The heroines offer romantic solace.

Given the constraints of cost, the production values pass muster.

Such ventures should be definitely encouraged to ensure that more of such ventures hit the screens successfully.

A winner on hand for Winstar Vijay!