Produced by – Reel Petti & Tharigo Filmworks

Scripted and Helmed by – Sunil Dev

Cast – S. P. Siddharth, Chaitanya, Anant Nag, Sarithiran and Arun Pandian

Censor Rating – U/A

Running Time – Minutes

Rating – ***

Mobile phones are both a boon and a curse!This is the crux of the plot conceived and crafted by Sunil Dev who has showcased the consequences of the facilities available in a mobile phone when put to wrong uses!Another angle that the filmmaker has explored is the trust placed one a mutual basis by newly weds!If one of the partners, resort to use of gimmicks using his better half ‘ s mobile phone and goes further and further, a lot of unfavorable and unsavory things may be unearthed which may eventually create a dent in their relationship!The filmmaker has tactfully blended these two aspects in a thrilling manner that offers some chills to the spectators drawing them to the edge of their seats.How a couple get caught in such a tricky situation and how things flare up subsequently is the interesting rest.Whether it is right on the part of the husband to downtown an App in his wife’s mobile phone with a view to keep track of her activities in order a spring a surprise is what that happens but ultimately he ends up getting shocked.There is no point in revealing the hidden elements in the plot! So, go, see it on the screen!Arun Vijayakumar ‘ s cinematography warrants mention.