Produced by – Vels Film International Ltd.
Written and Wielded by – Gautham Vasudev Menon
Cast – Varun, Raahei, Krishna, Divya Darshini, Mansoor Ali Khan and Kitty
Censor Rating – U/A
Running Time – 129 Minutes
Rating – ***1/2

This terrific action extravaganza certainly announces the arrival of a new action hero on the block who holds all the 5 ‘S’ s – Smart, Sauve, Stylish, Sophisticated and Swashbuckling – that’s Varun, appearing in the title role, who has virtually carried the entire flick on his shoulders, that too with effortless ease, thanks to the man who made this movie – Gautham Vasudev Menon!
Such a project would necessitate the effective and efficient contributions of both the cinematographer (S. R. Kadir) and the composer (Karthik) and both of them have come up triumphs!
Raahei the film’ s leading lady around whom the main plot has been woven, looks good but not good enough when it comes to matching Varun! But the onscreen chemistry works well.
Referring to the remarks of the filmmaker regarding the fact that Varun performed all the stunts, all by himself without using a body double, Varun has flexed his muscles well while exposing his agility and ability to move at a lightning speed!
If he could possibly fine tune his romantic expressions a bit more delicately, he is bound to go places!
Mansoor Ali Khan’ s character hasn’t been conceived rather half heartedly that even before the audience start looking up at him, he is gone!
Krishna ‘ s characterization as Yogi starts off well, opening up an emotional flashback that is far from being satisfactory and the viewers begin to feel the comradrie between Joshua and Yogi, the latter does a volte face and in the bargain, he loses his face and ends up cutting a sorry figure!

The theme is about a drug cartel and a global level gangster who is caught and is about to face the trial at the Court of Law.
A well qualified Councel, Kundavai Chidambaram (Raahei) is the sole survivor of the Team involved in the trial who is the prime target for hired assassins to eliminate her!
What happens if one such ‘candidate’ who is a leading assassin with proven credibility, is assigned with the task of protecting her only to fall in love with her, eventually!
So goes the script…
Perhaps, a sequel could pack in more punches!
Anthony ‘ s editing too warrants mention.

Raja Krishnamoorthy(Kitty) characterization doesn’t really comes up as a surprise but he has carried himself with elan.

Gautham Vasudev Menon asserts his class yet again with his classy touches!