Produced by – Celebright Productions

Scripted and Helmed by Raj DevCast – Srikanth, Priyanka Dimmesh, Niharika, Vyaan and Harish Peradi

Censor Rating – U/A

Running Time – 106 Minutes

Rating – ***

Two movies of the recent past showcased protagonists as hired assassins who killed select their assigned candidates only if they deserved to die!Srikanth, the ever charming and youthful hero whose films as Roja Kottam, Parthiban Kanavu, Bose etc are still standing fresh in our memories, stages a strong and solid comeback through this action packed film written and directed by Raj Dev whose won praises abroad in a screenplay writing in a U. S. based competition for his works as Kiss Death and A Stranger is Walking By. He has also earned encomiums of about 10 awards in L. A. ‘ s Film Festival. It is worth noting that he has written articles in Ananda Viketan and Saavi.Srikanth who kills only if the cause is justifiable, comes across a strange case wherein a rich married girl is being targeted by someone whose credentials remain a mystery!Luckily for her, he saves her from the clutches of a road accident and places her in safety. But then, attempts are ventured to eliminate her but he comes in between, standing and serving her as her Protector!There is also a cop who is on the hunt for the hero.Finally, the riddles get resolved and the brain behind is unmasked and punished in the protagonist ‘ s Court of Law!Priyanka is just about okay but Niharika looks awkward in that song sequence that appears unnecessary!

Harish Peradi as the cop on the chase is not very impressive..

Yuvaraj’ s cinematography is noteworthy while Jubin’ s background score is upbeat.A riveting suspense thriller!