A ‘Fantasy Love Story’ connecting two different time periods: Shooting to start soon!Black and White Media Solutions Private Limited is a company that has been providing services in the field of post-production work for movies and commercial advertisements. However, now the company is venturing into its own movie production for the first time!The upcoming film, tentatively titled ‘Productions Number#1’, will be a ‘Fantasy Love Story’. It will mark the directorial debut of V J Meenakshi Sundaram, with Rajith CR playing a prominent role as the actor.The movie will be produced by D. Jude Ananth on behalf of Black and White Media Solutions Private Limited. The official announcement of this exciting news was made today, on Thursday, 25th January.Director V J Meenakshi Sundaram has prior experience in directing advertisements and corporate movies, and this movie will serve as his directorial debut in the film industry.The screenplay of the movie will connect two different eras, 1983 and 2023, in a fantasy format. The director explained that this unique concept will be presented in a popular and engaging manner.Currently, only the announcement of the movie has been made. The director has assured that more details about the film will be revealed soon.Rajith CR, who is currently active in Tamil and Malayalam movies, will be the lead actor in this film. Discussions are underway to finalize a popular actress as his co-star.The cinematography for the movie will be handled by Francis Rajkumar, A., who previously worked on the award-winning Kannada movie ‘Kozhi Ezroo’.Shean L. Cleford, a renowned music director with extensive experience, will compose the music for the film.Mahendran Ganesan, who has edited Tamil movies like ‘Yathisai’ and ‘Gnanaccherukku’, will be the editor for this project.With a team of reputed and talented technicians, the movie is set to be produced on a grand commercial scale.The production team has planned to begin shooting in a village in Kodaikkanal either by the end of February or early March.