Produced by Sujatha Vijaykumar on behalf of Home Movie Makers, the action commercial movie “Siren” is produced by debutant director Anthony Bhagyaraj, starring Jayam Ravi, the leading star of the Tamil film industry. The press meet of the film was held in the presence of friends of the media for the participation of the film crew as it will be released in theaters on February 16.

In this event..

Producer Sujatha Vijaykumar said…

You have given your support to the films we have made so far, so please support this Siren. This siren movie is about the fight between an ambulance siren and a police siren. Our beloved Jayam Ravi, who is always amazing in different characters, is also amazing in this film. He did not say because he is my son-in-law. Watch the movie and you will understand. This movie will be enjoyed by everyone from kids to adults. Keerthy Suresh has played the character of Nandini brilliantly. This film will be an important film in his acting career. At first there was a bit of doubt if Jayam would be able to stand up to Ravi, but he put on 5kg for the film and looked perfect in that police outfit. He acted brilliantly. Samuthirakani is stunning in all roles and in all languages. He acted well in this movie too. Yogi Babu makes a full appearance in the film. I kept laughing watching his performance. Congratulations to him. Alagam Perumal, Ajay, Tulsi Madam, Chandini and many others have acted. Anupama Parameswaran plays a beautiful role. The hero of the festival Jeevi has given us four wonderful songs, thanks to him. Cameraman Selvakumar has given such amazing visuals. Dileep Master has done the stunts very well. Everyone has given their lives in the film. Reuben is like our family. He will be in every movie. It was Ruben who introduced Anthony Bhagyaraj. He has worked in many hit films. The first thing that told me was the comedy story. He told this story to Ravi. As said, he has shot the film well. Thank you for your support.

Cinematographer Selvakumar said…

After Mahanagaram I am working on a story that takes place entirely at night. Director Anthony was interesting while telling the story. I did not expect such a story from him. Shooting was a lot of fun. But the film will have everything that fans expect. Jayam Ravi was very easy going. I have taken my favorite step. Everyone has worked hard. Sujata madam supported me a lot. This film will be the most important film in Tamil this year.

Editor Ruben said…

A director’s vision is important to a film, but their vision is not easily understood here. Thanks to Jayam Ravi who believed in the story and gave opportunity to many good directors. He trusted me and listened to the story. I consider this production company as my rightful family. That’s why I was able to ask for the opportunity. They will trust me so much. Anthony is my college junior. He has worked as a writer in many big films. His dream of becoming a director has come true in this film. He has brought the film very well. This group is like family to me. The film was a very good experience. All the actors have done a good job. The film turned out well. Thank you for your support.

Actor Alagam Perumal said…

A very nice trip with Jayam Ravi. Keerthi and Anupama had a wonderful experience with everyone. Anthony knew it from his days as a writer. Congratulations on his first film being a hit. This film will be a very good film for Jeevi. It will be a great hit for Jayam Ravi. Thank you for your love and support for this film.

Actor Samuthirakani said…

I bought an advance from this company 18 years ago. Producer Sujatha keeps congratulating me when I am on the small screen. He says I will become a great man. Jayam Ravi is a brother who knows everything in cinema. An even bigger space awaits his talent. He can act in 100 more films. I worked with him standing upright. The work he put into that film was huge. The director and cinematographer will buy what they need with a smile. Editor Reuben will become director this year. It was a good experience working with Alagam Perumal. I have personally visited the 108 office. I will never forget it in my lifetime, such a great organization. The film is a tribute to those workers.

G. V. Prakash said…

Anthony Darling worked as an assistant director on the film itself. He has worked in many films. Congratulations to him for his first film as a director. He is a gifted writer. Definitely for him

It will be a hit film. Jayam Ravi has acted very maturely. This year has started well for me. Only a few would ask me for a melody. This movie has such good songs. Thank you for listening.

Director Anthony Bhagyaraj said…

This movie is like a dream for me. First of all Reuben is my college senior. He sent me to become a writer in Iron Screen. Later I was wandering to become a director. Ruban Anna said how Ravi sir will be one day. He immediately sent to him and everything happened. He also introduced me to Madam Sujata. I told the story to Ravi sir. He told him that he would get the story and start right away. Ravi sir trusted me completely. He never even asked what you took while acting. It was important for me not to break his trust. A new director’s film for a big hero should win. Only then many new directors can come. I called Alagam Perumal sir on the first day of sheeting and he came for me. When Kani told the story to his brother, he said that this story is not a hit. Jayam Ravi is supporting this story and the film will win, thank you bro. I love Jeevi Anna’s melody. He is the only musician I know who always inspires me. He has given 20 tunes for this film. Thanks to him. Selva has done films in different fields. He brought this film so live. Dileep Master thinks within the story and did a lot for me. Madam Sujata did not hear the whole story. Ravi did it for sir. Even if I compromise, he won’t let me do it. Thank you very much ma’am. Everyone who worked in this film worked like their film. Keerthy has acted brilliantly. Important role for Anupama. It will be an important film for them in Tamil. Your help is important to bring this film to the masses. Thanks.

Actor Jayam Ravi said…

A very happy moment. Everyone worked hard to make the film. The film is about to release. You will always support a good film. Support this movie too. First of all, this film started with Reuben. He sent the director himself. The film was a big hit. This movie is sure to be a success. He has always been like family to me. Sujata Amma did not give up when the film was suggested to another producer. He was adamant that we must do it ourselves. The producer should have faith in a film and I am happy that faith started from him. Emotion is very important in this film and it is important to bring it to the screen. We wanted Jeevi to do it. He also agreed. Jeevi is one of India’s greatest music directors. The female character is very important in this film. To stand equal to the hero. We thought Keerthy would be right and she acted to prove it. Excellent worker. Another important role for Kani Annan. We have cast him as the opposite, who is always a social commentator in reality. He said why are you talking like this, but he came to act for me and he did a wonderful job, thank you. I started acting with him in Alagam Perumal Sir Adangamaru. The journey with him is yet to continue. The director and Selva are as close as the twins. People will appreciate their hard work. You will see director Anthony Bhagyaraj on many more platforms, hit platforms. They say that I am also making films for new directors. I am just a tool. The hard work of the director is the reason for the success of the film, I have played two roles with little difficulty in this film. Yogi Babu and I were the same as the Devins. Like the movie Komali, this movie also has a beautiful travel. People will enjoy it. The film turned out well. Watch the movie and enjoy.

Anthony Bhagyaraj, who has written for Iron Screen, Viswasam and Hero, has made his directorial debut with Siren.

The movie is made as a big budget action thriller with family elements. Actor Jayam Ravi is seen in a new role which he has never played before and is seen in two different looks. Actress Keerthy Suresh has teamed up with actor Jayam Ravi for the first time in the film. Yogibabu is playing a different role which is not only comedy but also connected with the story. Also actor Samuthirakani has played an important role.

The film will hit theaters worldwide on February 16.

Technician details

Written and Directed by – Anthony Bhagyaraj
Produced by Sujatha Vijaykumar
Associate Producer: Anusha Vijaykumar
Music Composer: G.V. Prakash Kumar
Pinnani Music – Sam CS
Cinematography: Selvakumar S.K
Editor: Reuben
Production Designer: K. Kathir
Art Director: Sakthi Venkatraj

Directors: Dilip Subbarayan
Song Choreographer: Brenda
Costume Designer: Anu Parthasarathy, Archa Mehta, Nithya Venkatesan
Sound Designer: Suren G Ajayakoothan S
Makeup: Mariappan
Costumes: Perumal Selvam
VFX : TDM Loven Kusan
Color: Prasad Somasekar
DI: Knock Studios
Stills : Komalam Ranjith
Executive Producer: Omar
Product Manager: Chakrathalwar G
Production Manager: Asghar Ali
Puramosan Head – Shyam
Public Relations: Satish (AIM)
Motion Poster: Venky (Venky Studios).