The film ‘Nathuram Godse’ is based on the hidden truth of Mahatma Gandhi’s death.

‘Kiduku’ director’s next work is ‘Nathuram Godse.’

“Nathuram Godse” is a film jointly produced by Ramalakshmi Productions and Eencha Nadu 18 Patti Ganesh Naga Productions and Sivan OTT.

Sasi, Ravi, Thamarai, Peter Saravanan, Inpa, Sivakumar, Vadivel Mahesh have acted in this film.

Gerson, who composed the music for Kitugu, has also composed the music for this film.
Cinematography – JK & Team
Editing – Vignesh
Art – Tilak
Sound – Santosh
Story, screenplay, dialogue written and directed by Veeramurugan.
Earlier, he directed the film ‘Kiduku’ based on many true incidents of current politics. The film created major controversies among political parties.
They did politics by not releasing it in theatres. So it is noteworthy that the lotus was published on the YouTube channel and crossed several million views.

Currently, director Veeramurugan shared about the film ‘Naduram Godse’…

We have made this film based on the hidden incidents of Mahatma Gandhi’s death.

Godse shot Gandhi with two bullets. But four bullets were taken from his body. Here’s what happened behind the scenes.

There were 42000 temples in Tamil Nadu when the Hindu Charities Department started. But now there are only 22000 temples. Not only the true history of the temples destroyed by this. We have emphatically said that it is the politicians who are fueling the Hindu-Muslim divide.

Based on many true incidents, this film will be released on March 7th on new OTT platforms namely Sivan OTT and Paramasivan OTT.