Razzakar Movie Trailer Release !!

Produced by Samarveer Creations, Gudur Narayana Reddy, directed by Yatha Satyanarayana, starring Babi Simha and Vedika, the movie “Razzakar” is based on a hidden historical event that actually took place in Hyderabad during the freedom struggle.The trailer launch event for the Tamil version of the film, which will be released as a pan-India release in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam, was held in Chennai.Along with the film crew, many screen celebrities attended the event in the presence of press and media friends.In this event..Produced by Gudur Narayana Reddyhello This is the only word I know in Tamil. Thank you to all my team on behalf of Samarveer Creations. Delighted to present to you the trailer of our proud creation, Razzakar. I think it is our duty to convey to this generation a truth that has been hidden in our history. Before Hyderabad was annexed to India in 1948, it was converted to Turkistan by the Muslim Nizam. It was blocked by the Indian government. I have heard the story of my grandfather fighting and rescuing people in our dynasty. He lost his life in that fight. This story will record the frenzy unleashed on the people of Hyderabad and the story of Hyderabad’s recovery from it. My ambition was to capture this somehow on screen. I want you all to know this story. I hope everyone likes it, thank you.Actor Bobby Simha said…First of all thanks to everyone who came to say hello. When I first heard this story, I didn’t quite understand it. The history of what actually happened was unknown to me. I searched and found out about this fact. I immediately said that I will definitely do this film. The world needs to know this story. My thanks to Kutur Narayana Reddy sir. His grandfather died fighting in this struggle. He could have made a commercial film if he wanted to, but for 40 crores, he made this film to let everyone know this history. Thanks to the director for making such a film. Actress Vedika, when I first saw her in make-up in the film, I did not recognize her. He had changed so much. My best wishes to him. Anusha does not look like a new actress. Well acted. John Vijay, Thalivasal Vijay sir, Ramji sir all acted brilliantly. All the artists have worked very hard in the film. Thank you all for your support this movie is the most important movie in history.Director Yada Satyanarayana said…I like Tamil so much. I like Mani Ratnam sir. I told this story to Madam Suhasini over the phone and she appreciated me. He said that he will do whatever help is needed for the film, thanks to him. My thanks to Bobby for agreeing to act in the film and becoming a complete character. Kollywood is the mother model of South India. I hope you will bless me here as I introduce myself through Razakar. For Tamil people, if they like a film, they hold it up and celebrate. I hope they like the movie. When India got its independence, people in Hyderabad were fighting against the Nizam. It was through the actions of Vallabhbhai Patel that Hyderabad was liberated by war. It was Vallabhbhai Patel who unified India which was divided into many provinces. But Hyderabad State could not be integrated so easily. It was declared as Turkistan and the Hindu people there were persecuted by King Nizam. Women were degraded. The violence perpetrated by Razzaq on the people of Hyderabad was without measure. That is what we have tried to say in this film. I request Tamil fans to support this film which tells our history, thank you.Actress Vedika said…Thanks to everyone who came to say hello. I didn’t know the real story when I was called for this film. Hyderabad state got independence only in 1948. But not many people know that. I am proud to be in the film that tells the truth of that history. I love historical films. This film will tell the story of how many people have sacrificed and fought for our free life. Producer Kudur sir has done a great job in this movie, thank you. Bobby is a National Award Winning Actor. It was amazing to see him in this role. He didn’t recognize me when he saw me with makeup. Then he found out. It was a pleasure to work with such a great actor. My special thanks to the director. Thanks to all the artists who worked with me. As always, thank you for your support of me and the film.Music composer Beams said..My grandfather Kutur Narayana Reddy has told the story. Know our history through this film. It’s a pleasure to work on such a great work, thanks to everyone.Cinematographer Kusender Ramesh Reddy said…Thanks to everyone who came to support our film. Razakar is a very important film for me. I am from Hyderabad, but I don’t know much about this story myself. Hyderabad got independence 1 year after independence of India. I regret not knowing this history. It was an honor to work on it. Thank you this story will melt you all.Actor Thalivasal Vijay said…Thanks to both producer and director. Working on this film was an amazing experience. I am honored to be part of this film, which tells a story unknown to this generation. I have played a very important role. Wish this film successProducer Manoj Beno said…At one point in time we talked about films being all the same. Now we’re talking about the trailer itself being the same. But this trailer itself is very different. The producer has made this film with great dedication. The crew has given their lives and brought the film to perfection. Bobby is the reason for this film festival. My close friend. He is always bad. My best wishes to Vedika. I wish this film a huge success.Rakesh, the director of the movie Bandu, said..The trailer itself is intimidating. Thanks to the producer and director for taking such a history as a film. There are still many untold stories. This movie should be dubbed in all languages of India. My best wishes to the crewChoreographer Sharif said…Bobby is my close friend. Whatever he does, he has my support. This story tells a story hidden in history. The film has been shot brilliantly. Wish this movie a big success.Actor John Vijay said…It is an honor to be part of such a monumental historical film. My thanks to both the producer and the director. Thank you very much for casting me in this film. Bobby was a pleasure to work with. Whenever he sees Bobby, he is very friendly. You will definitely like this movie thanks.Actor Raj Arjun said…We are because of you. We work right because you appreciate it. So thank you all. I think I was born for this character. Big thanks to Kutur Narayanan Reddy sir for giving me this opportunity. This team has given life and shot the film. It is a historical film, but it has action and drama and beyond that it is full of emotions. It was a pleasure to work on this film. Thanks to everyone.Choreographer and actor Ramji spoke…I have played a small but powerful role in this film. Thanks to Shankar Master for acting in this film. Thanks to both the producer and director of this film. The film will bring to every Indian what is hidden in history. This is the real pan Indian movie. Thank you all for your support.Actor Sarath Ravi said…This movie should be taken well by all the press friends. I have done 3 films with Bobby Anna. He works hard in every film whether he gets a name or not. He has worked more in this film. It has been a while since he had a film like this. This movie is definitely going to be a huge hit.