Produced by SR PRODUCTIONS, the movie “Madraskaran” started on a sweet note with Pooja !!Actors Shane Nigam, Kalaiyarasan, Niharika, Aishwarya Dutta in the lead role, the innovative action drama movie “Madraskaran” directed by Vali Mohan Das !!Produced by B. Jagathees under SR PRODUCTIONS, directed by Vali Mohan Das, director of Rangoli, starring Malayalam actor Shane Nigam, Niharika, Kalaiyarasan, Aishwarya Dutta, the new action drama movie “Madraskaran”The pooja of the film was conducted in a simple manner with the film crew participating.In this event…Director Vasant Sai said..Very very happy. My assistant director Wali Mohan Das is happy to go to the next height. I am a Shane Nigam fan, I have seen many of his Malayalam movies and he will definitely be great in Tamil. I have done a film with Nigarika’s father. He also has a bright future. Greetings. Saying Sam CS’s name brings applause. Kalaiyarasan is a good actor. The team itself is fantastic. I wish the film a hit.Director Ponram said..Wally and my friend we used to talk during the script work of every film. A talented person is happy to see his growth. Shane Nigam is my favorite actor and Kalaiyarasan is also my friend. This group is a very exciting group. I hope they will give a great film and wish the film a success.Actor Hamaresh said..I have worked with director Vali on Rangoli. I learned a lot from him, a great creator. Glad he is doing a big film now. I am Shane Nigam fan. Looking forward to see you in Tamil. I wish this film a success.Actress Aishwarya Dutta said…I have already done a film with Wally, my favorite director. Jagadish is my close friend. Glad he is making this film. 2024 is a great joy for me to be Madraskaran. This movie is definitely going to be a great movie. Thanks to everyone.Music composer Sam CS said..This story is a great story. Everyone has a very good role in this. There is no such thing as a minor character in this film as a major character. There is great emotion. You know the information about the film is coming one by one. I have worked with actor Shane in Malayalam and this film will be a great film for him in Tamil. Kalaiyarasan will reach big after this film. As a team, we are confident that this film will be excellent. My greetings to all.Actor Kaliyarasan said..It was great when director Wali told this story. I have a huge role to play. Everyone acting in the film will get a good place. This film will definitely be a great film for Shane. This movie is sure to be everyone’s favourite. My thanks to all.Producer Jagadish said..In 2018, actress Aishwarya Dutta introduced me to director Vali. Due to some reasons, the film was supposed to be made then. As soon as I saw the director’s film Rangoli, I asked him to do a film with you. He told the story of this film and liked it very much, we started immediately. We searched and coordinated them for each role. Very nice story. This movie is definitely going to be a great movie. We will work together again and again with director Vali. Thanks to everyone.Actress Niharika said…When director Wali sir narrated the story, I liked it very much. It was a pleasure to act with Shane. I believe this film will be a very important film for me. My thanks to all.Director Wali Mohan Das said…My first thanks to the producer. He called after seeing my picture. He agreed to do this film within 5 minutes of telling the story. Shane Brother meeting him was an unforgettable experience, thanks to him for agreeing to act in Tamil. My thanks to Aishwarya Dutta who started this film. I am only now meeting Nigarika in person. He has a good role in this movie. Sam is a CS fan and a pleasure to work with. There is a lot to say about the film and we will tell you after the film. My thanks to everyone who worked on this film.Actor Shane Nigam said…I have grown up watching a lot of Tamil movies since childhood. Tamil heroes have a lot of fans in Kerala. Same goes for me. I am happy to act in Tamil. I loved the story told by Wally. This story seemed like a great opportunity for me. I hope you all will like this movie, my thanks to everyone.Shane Nigam, who is famous in Malayalam for Kumbalangi Nights, RTX and Ishq films, is making his Tamil debut with this film. He is paired with the biggest star family of Telugu film industry.

Leading actress Niharika from the Mana Chiranjeevi family is playing the role. Actors Kalaiyarasan, Aishwarya Dutta, Karunas and Pandiyarajan are acting with them.The film revolves around the extent to which a small ego can take one’s life. Director Wali Mohan Das, who painted the lives of school children in colors through the film Rangoli, has created a sensational screenplay where a small incident turns into a big problem and turns two people’s lives upside down. Lead music composer Sam CS is composing the music for the film.The team is planning to complete the shooting of the film in one phase in Chennai, Madurai and Kochi.The film is produced by B. Jagadees under SR PRODUCTIONS as a quality production with high quality artistes at huge cost.Other details about the film will be officially announced later.