Vidhaiakaran Movie Press Meet !!Produced by White Carpet Films and produced by K Vijay Pandey, directed by debutant Venky, Sathish is playing the lead role in a different heist movie “Vithaikaaran”. The film, which is a black comedy, is slated to hit the screens on February 23, and the film crew was present in the presence of press and media friends.In this event..Producer K Vijay Pandey said..My thanks to everyone who worked on this film of ours. You supported my first film Dejavu. Also, thank you for supporting this film.Actor Satish said…Thanks to my friends from the press and media who continue to support my films. Thanks to the people of Tamil Nadu for accepting me as a hero and watching the film. Thalapathy Vijay sir started this film. My first thanks to him. When he met me recently, he told me that he had seen Conjuring Kannappan. He appreciated the great joy. Director Venky Thalapathy is a big fan of Vijay. The ‘V’ sentiment is working out for us. Vijay sir who started the film, Venki the director and the film title Vithikaaran are all ‘V’. I hope this movie will be a success. Anandraj sir, director Subramania Siva, everyone has played a good role. I was afraid of seeing Anandraj sir at a young age. It’s a pleasure to act with him now. Simran Gupta acted with great dedication even though he didn’t know tamil, but congratulated him. We have made this film a good effort. Thanks to the manufacturer for trusting us. Thanks to all the technicians. The film has come out great. Thanks to everyone.Director Vengi said..With this story, I have wandered a lot to the producer. But as soon as I told the story to the producer Vijay sir, he said OK. Thanks to him. The producer gave me everything I asked for. You will know if you see the movie. Satish has become a friend and hero for many years. I told him this story and he liked it. He immediately agreed. I worked on Master with my friend Yuva. He came saying that I am doing this film. He has worked a lot for this film. Thanks to my friend Karthi who contributed a lot since the idea for this film. Simran Gupta was perfect for the character in my film. He didn’t know Tamil well but prepared the dialogue and did it with great dedication. All actors have done well. I also played a small role in this film. Many newcomers have worked in this film. My thanks to all. My director team, 10 people worked with my anger. Thanks to everyone. I hope you like the movie. Thanks.Cinematographer Yuva Karthik said..It was a pleasure to work in this film. Thanks to my guru satya sir. Producer and Satish both gave me tremendous support, thanks to them. My thanks to the director. Thanks to all my assistants and fellow technicians who worked with me on the film.Editor Arul E Siddharth said..I am constantly shooting in this company. Thanks to all my assistants and fellow technicians who worked with me. Producer Anna, give me a chance for the next film. I hope you like the movie.Actor Raghu said…Thank you both Venky Brother Vijay sir. This film is truly magical. Thanks to the director for giving me the opportunity. I hope everyone likes the movie. Thanks to everyone. Actress Dharani said.. As a team, everyone was supportive of me. Thanks to the director and producer for giving me the opportunity. Thank you for supporting the film.Actor Madhusudhanan said..Vijay sir you should continue to make films. I have to keep acting. Actors can only be good if the producer is good. This movie was a great experience. This movie is definitely going to be a huge hit thanks.Director Subramania Siva said..Everyone who came here spoke with gratitude. Thanks to everyone. Director Venky is a good friend. The story of thieves is a necessary story for society. Because they lock God up. Venky has made this film as a good story of thieves. It is the newcomers who are changing the cinema and Vijay Pandi should give good films. It is a pleasure to have our Satish who knows everything about dance and song as a hero. The crew has given a good film. I’ll end by saying, “It’s hard to learn, and it’s worth standing up after learning it.” Thank you.Actress Simran Gupta spoke..Thanks to producer Vijay sir and director Venki. The Magician is an important film for me. I consider it an opportunity to prove my mettle. Thanks Satish for supporting me. The magician saw[2/13, 14:57Ippaga will be a great hit; Thanks.Debutant director Venki has directed the film as a different kind of comedy film with a black comedy script and a heist and the events behind it.Satish, who made his debut as a comedy actor and became a successful hero, has played the lead role in the film. Simran Gupta is playing the heroine. Along with them, Anandraj, Madhusudhanan Rao, Subramanya Siva, John Vijay, Ashif Ali, Powell, Japan Kumar, Sams, Saminathan, Marimuthu are playing important roles.Technical CommitteeProducer – K Vijay PandeyCharacter direction – VenkiCinematography – Yuva KarthikMusic – VPREditor – Arul E SiddharthArt Direction – G Durai RajFight Training – Stunner SamPublic Relations – Satish  (AIM)