Produced by – Vaithiyanathan Film Garden

Scripted and Helmed by – Vadivudaiyan

Cast – Jeevan, Mallika Sherawat, Suman, Ramesh Kanna, Saravanan and Vadivudaiyan

Censor Rating – U/A

Running Time – 122 Minutes

Rating – **1/2

Fantasies showcased as horror thrillers are a rarity in our ventures unlike Hollywood, films as Anaconda are aplenty!To quench that thirst, Vadivudaiyan has conceived and crafted a fantasy film with the plot set around the movements of a huge snake that is destined to wrap up the life of a Queen the period belonging to the pre-British era!Have been fated to breathe her last by snake bite, the Queen Mangamma Devi (Mallika Sherawat) orders her battalion to eliminate all snakes in and around and on expected lines, one particular snake escapes and the much feared incident happens accidentally!Now the focus is on the Princess (Rithika Sen).Manikkavel(Jeevan) enters the scene of action to probe into the past, travel alongside the present as well as to get to know of the future too, all of which sum up to square up the reasons for the esoteric happenings.Go for it if you have the time and inclination…