Produced by – White Carpet Films

Written and Wielded by – Venki

Cast – Sathish, Simran Gupta, Anandraj, Madhusudanan, Subramaniya Siva, John Vijay, Chaams etc.

Censor Rating – U/A

Running Time -129 Minutes

Rating – * * *

Sathish who was playing supporting roles alongside stars as Vijay has already graduated to play the lead!He steps up further to play the title role in this flick that showcases an interesting premise.He plays a trickster who dupes systems and officials to loot valuables such as gold and diamondsAt one point, he conceives a plot to steal rich valuables from the airport!He collaborates with there other biggies (Anandraj, Madhusudanan & Subramaniya Siva) recruiting them as partners in crime!Anandraj and Chaams provide good comic relief.Simran Gupta tries to impress.As the theme is supposedly magical in conception, logical flaws surface time and again but with a restraint.A good pass time, this is!