Produced by – V. Durai Raj

Written and Directed by – John Glady

Cast – Syeed Majeed, Meghana Ellen, Saranya Ravichandran, Ramesh Arumugham, Vinu Lawrence and John Glady

Censor Rating – U/A

Rating – ***1/2

Cock – Fight was the main character in a Vetrimaran film.Possibly for the first time, pigeon racing is the crux of the plot in this nerve – shattering thriller that stands out as a true presentation, of course, aided by graphics!John Glady who has scripted and helmed this project besides playing a pivotal role in the proceedings, takes his own sweet time to establish the nuances of each of the characters but once that aspect gets done, the screenplay moves at a rapid pace without a dull moment making the viewers hold their breath and look out anxiously to know what would come up next as the screenplay unfolds!The film’ s first half proves a bit too slow and irritable too as so much of detailing has gone into the making, but the second half is racy and gets the viewers glued to their seats!Syed Majeed as the protagonist is good but keeps reacting at everything while raising his voice to the highest decibel possible! So does Viji Sekar playing his mom whose shouts supercede her performance and dialogue delivery!Meghana Ellen has nothing much to do while Saranya Ravichandran passes muster.Arun Raj’ s score is again too loud. Vasantha Kumar ‘ s lens captured the flight of the pigeons in a commendable manner.The fact that the film ends on a note of expectation with the announcement of a sequel and the end block has been cleverly done paving way for a sense of anticipation for the second part to arrive!The flick is certainly worth a worth both in terms of the directorial acumen of John Glady as well as his effective portrayal.