Produced by – Mithun Mithra Productions
Written and Wielded by – Sherief
Cast – Vaibhav, Saras Menon, Nanditha Swetha, Tanya Hope, Suresh Chakravarthy etc.
Rating – ***

Indeed it is a landmark film for Vaibhav who plays a image resurrection expert extending help to the Police Department whenever a victim ‘ s facial features are distorted beyond recognition!
Saras Menon makes a dream debut as Vaibhav’ s pair. Though in a brief cameo, she makes a mark.
Nanditha Swetha who makes a belated entry into the proceedings, has delivered an emotionally charged performance.
Should Tanya Hope look so rigid and tough with her chest upright, most of the time she makes a screen presence!
The crux of the plot is about the forced connectivity between the living and the dead and how a victim ‘ s mom wrecks vengeance is the thrilling and chilling rest.
With such a daringly delicate theme, the director has managed to bring in elements of suspense punctuated by unexpected twists and turns.
Balaji K. Raja’ s camera work and ArrolCorelli ‘ s music are both upbeat.
A touch me not kind of theme dealt with a touchy manner with frills and thrills…