Produced by – People Production House

Written and Directed by Prashanth Nagarajan

Cast – Mahendran, Adhirai Raj, G. M. Sundar, Deepa Balu, Dasarathi, Muralidharan Chandran etc.

Censor Rating – U/A

Running Time – 112 Minutes

Rating – ***

Mahendran who started his career as a child artiste came to be noticed in Vijay ‘ s Master, has played the lead here – to begin with as a school going boy then a fan fare boy who admires and adores G. M. Sundar who runs Amigo Garage. Intriguingly, the vehicle garage is more of a front for drug peddling! Mahendran playing Rudra gets into the thick of things at the garage and eventually gets drawn into a life of goondaism involving several cold blooded murders! Earlier he had got acquainted with a girl employed at a factory where he served as a Supervisor. Soon their acquaintance blossomed into love… But the change of scenario in Rudhra’ s life brings about a change of mind in her! The closing portions are passable and could have been planned better. Mahendran and G. M. Sundar are both impressive in their performances. The production values are adequate. Camera work and background music music add pep to the proceedings.