Produced by – Manjal Screen

Written and Directed by- Solai Arumugham

Cast – R. K. Suresh, Keerthana, Vishmaya, Subramania Siva, Murugadass etc

Censor Rating – A

Running Time – 156 Minutes

Rating – **/2

Following a brief exile, R. K. Suresh stages a comeback in a powerful role in this flick that deals and deliberates on the age old theme of killings on account of caste and community based false prestige!While love itself as an emotion and a feeling has become mechanical or materialistic, where is the question of two young hearts falling in love and giving up their lives in the bargain at the instance of the crude commitments of the older generation to caste!Though narrated in a non-linear fashion the proceedings appear never ending and are lacklustre!The film’s length could have been pruned at least, by 30 minutes.There are one too many songs that serve as a definite distraction but a few of them are hummable!Why not our Kollywood filmmakers give up concepts on caste based love issues at least for some time!Definite mention need to be made about the performances of both Subramaniya Siva and Murugadass.