Produced by – Studio Green Film Pvt. Ltd.
Written and Wielded by – Nikesh R. S.
Cast – G. V. Prakash Kumar, Mamitha Baiju, Karunas, Kallori Vinod, Aditya Bhaskar etc
Censor Rating – A
Running Time – 141 Minutes
Rating – ***1/2
This is fresh food from the flaming pages of history scripted and directed by Nikesh R. S. with the composer /singer turned actor G. V. Prakash Kumar appearing in a new avatar never ever seen before!
He plays an ambitious youth hailing from the hilly terrain of Munnar a confirmed territory belonging to Kerala but also inhabited by Tamil families who eke our a mediocre living by being employed in the tea estates for paltry sums.
With a view to raise up their children so as to facilitate them to rise up in their respective careers, they dispatch them to Palghat for graduation but it is there that the problem starts proving to be a perinniel headache for the freshers, especially the Tamil speaking lot!
Besides the formal and normal norm of ragging, the students from Kerala who are backed by political parties (SFY & KSQ) resort to all kinds of unethical and unfair practices to keep the Tamil students under control.
In the bargain, a student dies which eventually pushes Kathir (GVP) and his colleagues to move beyond their point of patience and tolerance. They retard only to be retarded back and finally, they too a group named TSP and join the fray of college elections while the fact remains that only SYF & KSQ were the warring groups at the college election scenario!
Finally, unable to triumph over the other two contestants, TSP resort to the emotional route and what follows further is on predictable lines.
GVP scores brilliantly both in the acting as well as in the music department.
Mamitha Baiju who stole the show by her alluring charm in Premalu takes a back seat here and barring in the initial scenes of romance, she gets pushed to the rear!
For such a theme that is broad based on the trick of tickling human emotions, the film’ s emotional connect could have been a little more vibrant!
Karunas and Subramaniya Siva create an impact.
The college campus scenes appear authentic enough, kudos to the art department.

This Rebel is not rude but reasonable and right too!