Produced by – Hastag FDFS Productions

Written and Wielded by -Pascal Vedamuthu

Cast – Dhirav, Ismath Banu, Rama, Dev Habibullah, Master Karthikeyan and M. S. Bhaskar

Censor Rating – U/A

Running Time – 132 Minutes

Rating – ***1/2

Deliberating on a theme that is very significant and relevant to the society at large is a welcome aspect and Pascal Vedamuthu has scored brilliantly on that count.Lead artistes of the times may not exactly be conformable in being cast in the lead roles that has been enacted very meticulously and meritoriously by the lead pair of this flick, kudos to both of them!Very natural and down to the earth portrayal!M. S. Bhaskar has no specifically significant role to play in the proceedings but still manages to make his presence.The delicacy of the theme and the treatment meted out to the narration – full credit to the maker for connecting with the emotional chords of the audience, that too, in a message bearing manner without making a fuss and without being preachy!The theme is centered around the ‘ability’ of a couple to bear a child and how the emotional connect influences the physical connectwhich would eventually enable the female in question to bear a child!The film appears a bit too lengthy and some more of editing would make it more compact.Also, the old-fashioned rituals showcased in a few scenes could have been edited out, especially, that of the time when the heroine ‘ s mom breathes her last! Shankar Ranga Rajan’ s music and Prithviraj Rajendran’ s camera angles merit mention.A must see for those couples who look forward to bear a child…