Produced by – Pavaki Entertainment

Scripted and Directed by – Balaji Madhavan

Cast – Ciby, Bhavya Trikha, Yasmin Ponnappa, Radharavi, Balaji Sakthivel, Hagan etc.

Censor Rating – 131 Minutes

Running Time – 131 Minutes

Rating – **1/2

Way back in the year 1971, Dushman featuring Rajesh Khanna had hit the screens the theme of which was about a strange court judgement where a lorry driver after killing a farmer inadvertently is asked to serve his family of the deceased!With his guilt consciousness pricking him badly, he undergoes the verdict…That was remade in Tamil as Needhi in 1972 with Sivaji Ganesan as the protagonist.The theme of Idi Minnal Kadhal is somewhat close to that as the lead pair cause a murder on the road on a rainy night while being romantic inside the confines of a car they travel!The school going son of the dead man had already lost him Mom who had committed suicide and had grown up till then under the care of his dad.A kind hearted girl who(Yasmin Ponnappa) practices the oldest profession in the world, takes an extra care while fending for the boy as his dad was involved with her!A bunch of goons headed by a cold blooded gangster, enters the scenario as the dead man had borrowed funds from him!A kind hearted head constable (Balaji Sakthivel) extends help. So does a priest (Radha Ravi).How the narration finally falls on a linear straight line is the mediocre rest.The production values are good but the lead pair are found wanting in expressions.Yasmin Ponnappa is impressive.