Produced by – KJB Talkies & Seven Warriors

Written and Directed by – Vignesh Karthick

Cast – Kalaiyarasan, Janani Iyer, Ammu Abhirami, Gowri G Kishan etc

Censor Rating – A

Running Time – 122 Minutes

Rating – ***

Bold themes have always earned the goodwill and patronage of the contemporary viewers who have an appetite for such films that showcase daringly different concepts.The screenplay showcases 4 different episodes narrated through 4 different set of artistes.Women tying the nuptial knot around the neck of men and its aftermath is the first one. The next episode is about a pair of lovers and their love is just about fructify into marriage and it is then learnt they both are biologically connected!The third one is about a pair of lovers and as it unfolds the male is forced to become a male prostitute.The 4th one is the most significant of all.It talks about the recent craze of some parents who push there children to reality shows which unfortunately leads to disastrous situations, sometime.Certainly a thought provoking film that is certainly worth taking a look.