To famous YouTube companies who spread defamation
Malaysian producer asking for five crore damages!Mr. Abdul Malik Bin Dastikir is from Malaysia. He is a multi-faceted businessman, film producer and social worker.
Malik runs several businesses under the name of Streams Corporation and helps thousands of underprivileged people.
In recognition of his social service, the Royal Family of Malaysia honored him with the highest award of ‘Dato’. Apart from that, he has also received the award of ‘Master Class Entrepreneur’ at the international level.
Recently some untrue video has been published on some YouTube channels to tarnish the reputation of Mr. Abdul Malik Bin Dastigheer who has achieved many achievements at a young age through hard work.
In that, the scandalous news that Mr. Abdul Malik and Mr. Jafar Sadiq, who was recently arrested for drug trafficking, is related.
A complaint has been lodged with the Commissioner of Police on 18.03.2024 to take legal action against certain YouTube channels including Aathan Tamil Media Private Limited, Mr. Madesh, Mr. Waragi, Mr. Savuk Shankar for publishing untrue defamatory news.
Mr. Abdul Malik bin Dastigheer’s lawyers told the press:
Mr. Abdul Malik is a famous businessman in Malaysia. One of his companies, Malik Streams, is doing a lot of cinema-related business. Especially, he is distributing Tamil films in Malaysia. He has also produced many Tamil films as an associate producer.
He has been helping thousands of people unselfishly. In recognition of his services, the Malaysian Royal Family honored him with the highest title of ‘Dato’.
He also conducts many star-studded art shows attended by Tamil film celebrities. Not only that, when celebrities from Tamil and Telugu cinema come to Malaysia, they ask Mr. Abdul Malik for many suggestions and guidance related to cinema.
Due to this, some people who do not like the development of Mr. Abdul Malik have released some videos on social media with malicious intent to tarnish his reputation.
Especially Mr.Mathesh, Mr.Varaghi Balaji and Mr.Saviku Shankar from Aathan Media have released the video without any support or documents to tarnish the reputation of Mr.Abdul Malik and seek indirect gain through it.
Based on that, many other YouTube channels believed the hearsay news to be true and published the video without any investigation or prior permission.
The above video recordings have tarnished Mr. Abdul Malik’s reputation and caused emotional distress. In order to access it legally, we have sent legal notices to the companies that published the fake video and filed a complaint with the Chennai Metropolitan Police Commissioner.
In that complaint, we have put forward some demands, including deleting defamatory videos, publicly apologizing to Mr. Abdul Malik, and paying damages of five crore rupees in Indian currency.