Dear Media Friends,Hello,I am Premkumar, writer and director of ’96’. Last March – 7th, a video was released on ‘Cheyyaru Balu official’ YouTube Channel, titled ‘Ilayayaraja, who asked you to use my song if you are not manly..’ In which Mr. Seiyaru Balu has spoken about the fact that we did not get proper permission for the songs of Isaignani Ilayaraja which were used in Manjumal Boys released in 2018 and in the movie 96 written and directed by me.In particular, when talking about ’96, musician Ilayaraja did not stop with quoting what they said and said, *If there was another word, ‘Po’, someone else would have used it’*. He also says that Govind Vasantha, the music director of 96, has apologized for it. I could not pass without replying to these hateful comments.Mr. For one song featured in the movie Manjumal Boys mentioned by Seiyaru Balu and for five songs featured in the movie 96, we have paid permission through Think Music and through their respective production companies, before the release of both the movies.Did I, as a senior journalist, not even investigate this important information, or deliberately hide the fact and lie? Sacrificing the basic virtue of a journalist to add to the fun of a video?The video is about musician Ilayaraja. A single song from the thousand films he has composed is enough to speak of his glory. To belittle those of us who have done a proper deed? Isn’t it oppression to raise one to lower another?Rather than using songs by musician Ilayaraja in the films Manjumal Boys and 96, it was our dedication to his music. We are the generation born and raised listening to the musician’s music.Musician Ilayaraja made a statement about ’96 Daring’ that Mr. Says Balu.wrong,It was his answer to a question asked in an interview. After we gave a proper explanation, the dispute was settled.Moreover, Mr. also gives a false information that ’96 music director Govind Vasant has apologized for it. Do what you want. Originally the music composer of 96 was Govind Vasantha. Govind is not Vasant. Next he did not apologize at all.Mr. We have no right to say that Seiyaru Balu should tell the truth about us. But don’t lie about us.Cinema is not just for people in the film industry. It also belongs to journalists who criticize and report on cinema.It is the duty of both to protect cinema.An important issue that came to 96 movie in the past was resolved and recovered only with the support of press and media friends.I will never forget that thank you.After five years, again an issue Mr. Seyyar has come through Balu.I see no other way to explain myself and establish the truth, and I turn to you again.Let the truth be known.May it be beneficial.Sincerely,S. Premkumar l