New Children’s Song “Pattaamboochi” Spreads Joy and Wonder Pattaamboochi,” a charming children’s song composed by Bob Phukan and penned by lyricist Madhan Karky, has been released on YouTube. Sung by Janin Stephanie, the song offers a gentle exploration of childhood innocence and the fascination with nature. In “Pattaamboochi,” listeners are introduced to a tender narrative where a young girl extends an invitation to a butterfly, symbolizing a child’s curiosity and wonder. Through its soothing melodies and evocative storytelling, the song provides a serene backdrop for reflection on the simplicity and beauty of childhood experiences. Released on March 14th, coinciding with Butterfly Day, a national observance, “Pattaamboochi” becomes available on various streaming platforms. It offers audiences a serene musical journey, resonating with those who appreciate the delicate joys of childhood. The song released on PaaMusic YouTube channel is now available for listening. Song 🔗