“Rajkamal Films International is like my mother’s house” – Director Lokesh Kanagaraj“A small attempt to convey the feelings of a relationship in 4 minutes is “Nomore” – Shruti HaasanThere are 3 reasons for acting in the album song “Inimeal” – Director Lokesh Kanagaraj”‘Inimaal’ will be a meaningful contribution to my film journey” – Director Lokesh KanagarajProduced by Rajkamal Films International, produced by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan and R. Mahendran, lyrics by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan, music by Shruti Haasan, directed by Dwarkesh, Shruti Haasan and Lokesh Kanagaraj in the lead, the song launch event was held in Chennai. Both Shruti Haasan and director Lokesh Kanagaraj answered questions from the press following the song release. In this eventMusic composer and actress Shruti Haasan said,Hello everyone. First, I started writing this song called “Inimael” in English. When I started writing, I had the idea to write about relationships. How a Relationship Works as a Loop I also wanted to talk about the ups and downs that happen in those relationships. Then at some point I got the idea to write this in Tamil after the word ‘Henceforth’. Then my father came into it. He himself wrote the entire Tamil lyrics of the song ‘Inimele’. This is how “Inimaal” was formed and is on this stage today.I have been traveling along with film songs since childhood. It’s not too much luck for me. In between, my love for Independent songs grew in all three languages – Tamil, English and Hindi. The screen is like a huge monster. Before that I would like independent music to be at least 30 percent. My Father and Rajkamal Productions are the reason why the album “Inimeal” got such a big exposure. This is a privilege I have personally received.If you ask me how I chose director Lokesh Kanagaraj, I think it was on the sets of Vikram. Once he saw him on camera, he seemed to look just right. That’s where this idea came from.What I’m trying to say with the album “Hereafter” is that it’s a small attempt to convey the depth of a relationship in less than four minutes. It’s a small hope that the audience will see their relationship improve by pointing out the many flaws in the relationship. Dad loved the combo of the two of us. He is always very honest in his comments. He said he liked our partnership. I am lucky that a director who has such a huge fan base has acted in it. I am thankful to director Lokesh Kanagaraj. Love is a delusion. If it is not completed it remains an illusion. But when it’s over, that moment is the “Dreams Come True” moment. I would say it is a place where love moves from Delution to Solution.”While director Lokesh Kanagaraj speaks,Hello everyone. I have already said it in many interviews. I have no intention of becoming an actor. At first I was very surprised when Shruti Haasan approached me to act in connection with the album song and the question arose in me why we should act. It was with that question that the meeting with them took place.What was convincing to me there was the way they narrated the story so naturally. Then I thought why not act. I have said in many interviews how much I like Kamal sir. I think I have talked about him a lot in the last 9 years of being in the Tamil film industry. The thought that his voice was going to be heard behind the screen within a couple of moments of my acting and my image was going to appear on the screen made me thrilled. And it seemed like a meaningful contribution to my film journey. Only after that I agreed to act.However, on the first day of the shoot, Shruti Haasan said, “You might change your mind this evening.” I’m not going to have any regrets about it. So I was saying pick a back-up actor for anything. Dwarakesh, the film’s director, and his team were very friendly on the shooting site. So acting doesn’t seem like much of a challenge. I don’t really have that much desire to act. I really wanted to act