Thriller movie “Iravin Kangal ” is based on modern scientific technology.

Iravin Kangal tells the story of human-machine interactions with artificial intelligence.

Produced by Pratap under M.K. Entertainment, the film is title, Iravin Kangal.

Bob Suresh is playing the lead role. Dali Aishwarya is playing the lead role. And Giri Dwarakesh, Selva, Aghuraraja, Dandapani, Kumaran have acted.

Cinematography : Geetha Karan
Music : Charles Thana
Editing: Iman
Songs: Murthy
Public Relations : Manavai Bhuvan
Story, Screenplay : Balasubramaniam K.G
Written and directed by Bob Suresh.

Director Bob Suresh spoke about the film…

The story revolves around the friendship between Victor, who works in IT, and his artificial intelligence device called IRIS (similar to Amazon Alexa).

Victor is married. He is working in Bangalore. His device called IRIS behaves differently after an accident. It surprised him but he didn’t take it too seriously.

But Victor is unexpectedly found guilty of murder in a duel.

We are told in the lively screenplay that Victor, who does not know how to recover from the crime of murder, is guided by his friend (IRIS) to cover up the murder.

But Victor continues to get into more trouble. Whether IRIS saved him or not is the rest of the story.

Director Bob Suresh said that every scene will be new and different for the fans.

Uthra Productions will release this film in theaters on April 5.