Produced by – Film Works
Directed by – Guru Saravanan and Sabari
Story Screenplay and Dialogue – Guru Saravanan
Cast – Hansika Motwani, Sriman, Mottai Rajendran, Suresh Chandra Menon etc
Censor Rating – U/A
Running Time – 120 Minutes
Rating – **1/2

Hansika Motwani has been cast in a powerful role that appears pivotal to the proceedings too while the fact remains that she scores better in the light hearted sequences than in the scenes where seriousness is the priority!
Mottai Rajendran is impressive enough.
What happens when the wishes of a charming young girl happens to become true one after the other!
Is it a coincidence or is there is something supernatural that makes things happen?
While the audience sit wonder – struck unaware of how such things happen, the directorial duo explain how things happened!
The screenplay could have been a little more gripping and the elements of horror could have been tightened a bit more effectively!
Sam C. S. has scored the background well.