Produced by – Neelam Productions, Neelam Studios, Vistas Media
Written and Wielded by – Suresh Mari
Cast – Urvashi, Dinesh, Maaran, Ismath Banu, Kavitha Bharathy etc
Censor Rating – U
Running Time – 150 Minutes
Rating – ***

Urvashi excels in the title role carrying away the acting honors while Dinesh and Maaran make their presence felt in an effective manner both when they are close as well as during their break and of course, after reunion.
The theme talks about the realization of offsprings who never get to realize the worth of the elders in the family before losing them!
After having been hurt emotionally, J Baby (Urvashi) moves on to Barrackpore while her two sons (Dinesh and Maaran) bury their hatchets and set out in search of their mom who has gone missing.
Basically this is an emotional drama but it has its lighter moments time and again!
Tamil and Bengali languages are spoken by the characters and it is all so natural!
Suresh Mari needs to be complimented for handling such a plot in a reasonably satisfactory manner.
The other credits contribute well.