Produced by – Life Cycle Creations

Directed by Ramesh Kandhasamy

Cast – Pavan (also responsible for the story and screenplay), Meghana Ellen, Charlie, Azhagu, Imman Annachi etc

Rating – **1/2

Caste based enmity has been the staple diet of very many movies at Kollywood both in the past as well as in the present. Here is one more that treads on a similar ground with a safe tag line that this is based on a true story! Inter caste love and marriage forms the format of the narration and as a test case, a newly wedded couple who marry out of caste, get brutally murdered and this incident clearly proves what can be expected in the proceedings that follow! Pavan has assumed very many responsibilities in the making of this movie but he needs to improve his expressions. The leafing lady is passable. The film’ s musical score merits mention.Finally, the eloped couple overcome all hurdles but the film ends on a note that caste discrimination does prevail still…