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Written, produced and directed by JSB Sathish

Cast- Shilpa Manjunath, Aarthi, Madhavi Latha, Senrayan, Prem, and Samudrakani

Censor Rating – U

Running Time -124 Minutes

Rating – ***1/2

No doubt, films serve the purpose of providing entertainment but a few select ones serve the objective of championing the cause of sports, especially that of sports women!Singapenne stands out as one such phenomenonal specimen conceived crafted and helmed by JSB Sathish.Triathlon is an adventure sport which involves swimming, cycling and running!The theme has been woven around a girl who walks away with a hold medal at a National Event, of course, after overcoming several hurdles and obstacles!Shilpa Manjunath plays a Coach with tailor made perfection.The differently abled Madhavi Latha is truly amazing! National Award Winning cinematographer N. K. Ekambaram and KL Praveen have worked wonders in their respective portfolios.Thenmozhi (Aarthi) who hails from a village backdrop is passionate about swimming which eventually leads her to take part in Triathlon. She is ably supported and guided by Shalini (Shilpa Manjunath) a former swimming Champ who has now reached the status of a Trainer.How Shalini helps Aarthi to tide over natural as well human made issues to win laurels and encomiums is the gripping rest.A motivational movie that tickles the heart strings of the viewers!