I am proud to have Pa. Ranjith as my disciple.-Venkat Prabhu-at the trailer launch of ‘J.Baby’Directed by Suresh Mari, ‘J.Baby’ is produced by director Pa. Ranjith’s ‘Neelam Productions’.Starring Urvashi in the lead role, Dinesh Maran and others, the film is slated to hit the theaters on March 8 on International Women’s Day. The film is released by ‘Shakti Film Factory’.Meanwhile, the song and trailer launch of the film took place at Saligramam Prasad Lab Theatre, Chennai.

Director Venkat Prabhu was the special guest. He is accompanied by the film’s heroine Urvashi, director B. Ranjith, Director Suresh Mari, Hero of the film Dinesh, Maran playing the lead role, Actress Sabitha Roy, Actress Ismat Bhanu, Actress Melody, Narrator Tamil Prabha, Music Composer Tony Brito, Cinematographer Jayant Sethu Madhavan, Costume Designer Egan Ekambaram, Art Director Ramu Thangaraj, Adhiyan Adhirai, the director of the Second World War’s Last Bomb, Lenin, the director of the Western Ghats, Shaan, the director of Pupami Naagi, actor Arvind Akash, and actor Yathisai Sayon participated in the event.*When director Venkat Prabhu spoke at the event,*Ranjith was with me even in Chennai 28. Suresh Mari of this film was also in that team. Even though Ranjith had worked as an assistant in some films before that, it was Chennai 28 that we worked together as a team and as a family. Next, when he went to direct the Attakathi film, I had done the manga. We tied the knot and organized a show for that film. Producer director Vetrimaran sir came and watched the film and enjoyed it so much. He liked it so much that it was the main reason why Gnanavel Raja bought the film and released it. Since that time, I have watched the development of Ranjithoda and his development. From then till now we are all family. I see everyone from our team making films and making them successful. I am most proud and happy in that. Suresh Mari is even more happy to be introduced by B.Iranchi.I haven’t seen this J Baby movie yet. They have enjoyed it very much at my house. Now everyone has celebrated Manjumal Boys’ movie. When we see that film being celebrated in our Tamil Nadu, we understand that language is not important for art, but content is important.This is the same kind of film. But, this was taken up a long time ago. When Urvashi madam Vechu takes a picture, it is special. He is such a great artist; Such a great entertainer. We are all his fans. The film will definitely be a fun ride. Congratulations to all the actors and technicians of the film. Thanks and congratulations to Ranjith for taking good pictures.This is another picture from our family. I request everyone to support him” he said. *When director Suresh Mari spoke,*’I joined Vishnu Vardhan’s Apprentice and after the release of that film, actor Arvind Akash was able to see Venkat Prabhu sir. That’s how I joined that group and family. Since then, I have traveled with him in many films like Mangatha, Saroja and Priyanu. You say I am patient. That patience screamed from Venkat Prabhu.Next I joined Ranjith too. I noticed Ranjith too when he worked in Kabal. Everyone who was with him was different. One communist, one feminist, one socialist. I didn’t know what type it was. It is because of all that that I have directed a film on my own. That too is not his product.This story is a story taken from my family and my great grandmother’s life. Many people have run away from understanding how important such people are. This film will make them understand the value of life and how they should respect it. Makes you cry. At the same time it will make you laugh out loud. That means this film will be half Venkat Prabhu and half Ranjith.The songs and background music composed by Tony Brito are suitable for the story.Dinesh has already proved that he is a good actor. I told him this story and told him that the body should be like this. Just like that Waite came along.We shot in West Bengal during Covid. We faced many challenges.This is a different way to see the comedy actor. There will be counter dialogue in his style. It will be great. I was dazzled watching the performances of Dinesh and Maran.When I created this story, I thought of my first Chaisa Urvasyamma. I have enjoyed watching his films since childhood. No matter what their character is, get angry; Scold him, beat him, feed him food, do anything comedy. When I told this story to them, they liked it.