“Kaduvetti” is not a caste film. K. Suresh speech..

“RK Suresh equals nine Rajinis”
R. V. Udayakumar created a stir at the ‘Kaduvetti’ festival

“I will not leave politics and cinema”
RK Suresh in action at the ‘Kaduvetti’ festival

“Incident to be made in the movie ‘Kaduvetti'”
Director Mohan ji sensational talk.

Kaduvettiyar, Kaduvetti Guru, Kaduvetti is very popular among Tamil people. In that title, producer and actor RK Suresh will play the lead role in the film directed by Cholai Arumugam, ‘Kaduvetti’.

On behalf of Yellow Screens Film Company. Produced by Subhash Chandra Bose, K. Mahendran, N. Mahendran, C. Paramasivam, G. Ramu Cholai Arumugam, the film has been composed by Srikanth Deva. Hello Tamila Sadiq has composed music for the songs. M. Bhujahendi has done the cinematography.

The music launch of the film was held in Chennai today.

Speaking at the function, Director Pramera said:-
“The music release of the film is going on in a grand parallel to the films Thala and Thalapathy. Although actor Prashant’s father Thiagarajan acted in many films, it was the film ‘Malaiyur Mampatiyaan’ that made him a big hero. Napoleon became a big hero after the movie ‘Sivalapperi Pandi’. Similarly, RK Suresh will definitely rise as a big hero after the film ‘Kaduvetti’. This forest cutter will cut the bad thoughts of many people.
Social stories don’t feature big heroes. This type of story needs a hero like RK Suresh. It will be an awareness film for girls and a must watch for parents
There is a perception that women have progressed in society. But the politicians look at the Tamil actresses and name them as Aytam. Somewhere you’ve had drunken slurs talking bad about actresses. All actresses need protection here.”

When music composer Srikanth Deva spoke,

“Hello Tamila Sadiq, I am shocked in this film, congratulations to him who has done the song Ghana. The film has a lot of action but has a good message. The background music of the film Mukhimaa was a huge hit. Nayagan R.K. Just watching Suresh’s performance, the music for the film came by itself. ‘Kaduvetti’ will be a big hit,” he said.

Stunt master Kanalkannan said:-

“It takes a lot of fear to make a film like this. RK Suresh has played the character of Kaduvetti. The logging guru doesn’t respect any politician. Mahan lived as his kingdom alone. So it seemed that this film had to work on a grand scale.
Mainly one thing should be discussed here. Prime Minister Modi said that all the Hindus in the world should light lamps in their homes at 6 pm when the Ram temple dedication took place. But the director, whose name is the blue of Rama’s color as the name of the production company, said, “If we don’t turn on the lights after 6 o’clock, they will call us terrorists,” it is painful.

When the guild leader Jaguar Gold spoke,

“When I came to record the title of this film, I said I will not give it. Because Kaduvetti is the name of the hero. I was afraid that no one should miss using it. But now after watching the trailer it is clear that the title has been given to the right people. Kaduvedi guru Veerapparamparai. It takes courage to play that character. “That hero is RK Suresh,” he said.

Director Mohan Ji said:-

“The film is going to release facing many problems. I suffered a lot for the release of ‘Thirlapati’. Similarly logging has also faced many problems and lawsuits. Films that face problems and release have become huge hits. In that way ‘Gaduvetti’ was a huge hit. Especially young people will celebrate. Kaduvetti Guru was the one who opposed false love in Tamil Nadu. Sadiq’s songs are good. Kanal Kannan master has a big treat in store for action lovers. RK Suresh is the next heroic hero in Tamil cinema. There is a big incident in this movie. ‘Trilapati 2’ will start soon. Before that, celebrate ‘Kaduvedi’.

Director RV Udayakumar said:-

“I am a fan of Kaduvetti Guru. Almost the same is the story of ‘Chinnacounter’. I started this trend. Do you know what the director and the hero of that film are playing when a film becomes a hit?.. Only when difficulties and pains are overcome and success is achieved, respect for others comes. Everyone here is heartily congratulated. So this movie will definitely be successful. RK Suresh is no ordinary man. Great actor. There is not one Rajini but nine Rajinis in him.
The man who is going to win is the one who gets the most criticism. No matter how many criticisms come, RK Suresh will destroy all of them and move forward. If he hits, he will fall 60 feet away. The actress will make everyone’s heart fall. The films ‘Tirupachi’ and ‘Sivakasi’ directed by Pramera gave Vijay a big breakthrough. Join the team again. The culture is to bring in directors who have been nurtured. But there is a habit in cinema of forgetting those who are responsible for it after success. This is not fair in my opinion.”

The hero of the film RK Suresh said:-

“So many myths about me have sparked imaginations. I have distributed 100 images. I have produced many films; I have acted in 40 films. I have 15 years of work in cinema. All politicians are familiar with all castes. In such an environment, wrong news about me came out. Am I wrong to have been in cinema for 15 years without any problems?

Fans love me in North Districts, South Districts. So I will not leave cinema and politics. Now let’s come to Kaduvetti. I am proud to play this character. I played him in my mind when the director Solai Arumugam narrated the story. I will tell Guru Aiya’s family. This movie will make you proud. It is an emotional film. This will be welcomed all over Tamil Nadu. This is not a caste film. I will not abuse any caste. Caste is only a feeling.”

Finally the director of the film Cholai Arumugam said:-

“The first reason why I was able to direct Kaduvetti was producer Subhash Chandrabhosh. The film was given 31 bands by the censors. It was Annan Mahendran who gave me hope and 100 elephant strength when it came to censor issue and court case.
I gave my explanation to the Censor Board who told me not to put the title on Kaduvetti. The Kaduvetti name has a long history. In those days, kings used to select a place in the forest for war training and cut trees to use it as a war training ground. Borkudi people will convert it into agricultural land. Then they will convert it into towns. Then they will name it kaduvetti. There are 11 such places in Tamil Nadu. So I argued that deforestation is a story. Got this topic.
If you want to eliminate everyone for the sake of love, it will add violence from generation to generation. This film will talk about the lifestyle, culture and politics of the people of the northern district in Tamil cinema. When I told this story to many heroes they liked the story. When told the title, they refused. But RK Suresh agreed to act in this film only for the title of the film. Such a hero is rare in Tamil cinema. My thanks to him and the producers.”