Produced by – Clapin Filmotainment

Written and Directed by – Sai Roshan KR

Cast – Shariq Hassan, Haritha, Monica Ramesh, Divakar Kumar, Anand, Kavya Amira

Censor Rating – U/A

Running Time – 140 Minutes

Rating – ***

Crime thrillers seem to be the staple diet of both our filmmakers as well as the audience and hence such ventures hit the screens in quick succession!Here is one more the screenplay of which has been set in the lovely locales of the Queen of Hills!A love pair go there on a trip accompanied by their friends with a view to celebrate their anniversary of romance as they have been in love since a couple of years!The male tells the female that he looks for a live in relationship only while she is desireous of getting married.There is another guy who steps in to declare his love for the heroine who turns it down knowing that he is trying to take advantage of the situation, being aware of the fact that her lover had rejected her proposal to get married!First, the male gets lost and subsequently the guy who tried to take advantage of the circumstances, gets lost.Police steps in.A serial killer is also on the loose!How the mystery gets resolved is the rest.Vishal’ s cinematography and Kevin ‘ s score warrant mention.