Produced by – Visual Romance

Directed by – Blessy Ipe Thomas

Cast – Prithviraj, Amala Paul, Jimmy Jean Louis, Gokul etc.

Censor Rating – U/A

Running Time – 172 Minutes

Rating – ***

Malayalam movies have always been known for their strong content as well as realistic portrayals.Further, the script writers and filmmakers know the knack of translating novels into feature films while retaining the essence of the original content despite adding cinematic ingredients to make it marketable!Here is one such flick that showcases the suffering and pain of a man who goes to an distant nation to enhance his income earning sources which is nothing new at all! As a matter of fact, we have heard of instances where women have been exploited, cheated and physically even harassed and hurt by employers! Hence, content-wise, there is nothing new or novel here! Such temporary migrants falling a prey to the designs of the brokers is also a known aspect!The fact that this is based on a true story too doesn’t make a big difference as such instances have been heard of plentiful times.Performance – wise, Prithviraj has put his heart and soul into the character and deserves praise. But that boy who accompanies him initially too has done a good job.The same compliment could be extended to the actor playing the Negro.The score of A. R. Rahman, the cinematography of Sunil KS and the sound effects of Resul Pookutty are brilliant and uplift the film to dizzy heights.Normally, Malayalam flicks do not resort to the use of commercial ingredients, especially, the ooph factor.Amala Paul playing his wife is perfect for the character but she, while being clad just in a petticoat, being carried away for a river – bath by Prithviraj while his mom as well as many, watching it and finally, he throwing her into the river and he too jumping in, is very much unlike a Malayalam film!Further, it is absolutely unrealistic given the fact that no husband would carry his half-clad wife like that and then romance with her under river water!More so, the film’ s length is a tad too long! Maybe, veteran editor Sreekar Prasad was under pressure!The desert sequences, the sand storm and rearing of goats and the movement of camels – very well presented.