Produced by Studio Green Gnanavel Raja, debutant director Nikesh R. S. Directed by music composer and star actor G. V. Prakash Kumar and Mamita Baiju starrer ‘Rebel’ is based on a true story. While the film will hit the screens on March 22, today the music release ceremony of the film was held in the presence of friends from the press and media, where film celebrities joined the film crew.In this event..Dhananjeyan, Managing Director of Studio Green said…Rebel is a dream of director Nikesh. He has given a wonderful film with the Rebel Jeevi of Indian cinema. Jeevi is a great fighter and his hard work and dedication to music and acting is immense. His hard work for this film is huge. It was our job to satisfy him. Producer Gnanavel could not come here due to work reasons. Some films are starting in Mumbai under Studio Green and that’s why I couldn’t come. This year will be a very good year for him. Thanks to our director Pa. Ranjith for coming here to congratulate us. Not only a director, he has introduced more than 10 debut directors to the screen world through a company. Studio Green is also operating, although not to the same extent. Nikesh will achieve big with this film. The film is based on a true incident that took place in the 1980s. Jeevi Prakash has done a brilliant action. The film is sure to be a huge hit.Director Nikesh said…I was only 24 years old when I went to tell the story, but Gnanavel Raja sir trusted me and listened to the story. I made a 10 day sheet and showed it to him. After that, till the end of the film, I was not asked any questions. I express my gratitude at this time to Gnanavel Raja sir. Thank you Dhananjeyan sir who always supported me in all the work of this film. Jeevi Prakash Anna trusted me and asked for this story, and after hearing it, he said that I am acting in a story for Tamil. My thanks to him. The whole picture revolves around him. The heroine, Mamita Baiju, is a very deep and compelling character, but she understood it and acted it, my thanks to her. Pa Ranjith Anna came to my film pooja and now he is here to greet me thanks. Karunas, Subramania Siva, Shalu Rahim, Venkitesh VP, Aditya Bhaskar, ‘Kalluri’ Vinod, each of them has acted brilliantly. Arun has given the most amazing cinematography.Thank you all for liking this movie.Background music artist Ofro said…Thanks to both Jeevi and Gnanavel sir. They brought me into the film. I was introduced to Collective Costless by Ba Ranjith sir. My thanks to him. We have worked on this film for 5 months. Great work, thank you all for loving this movie.Cinematographer Arun Radhakrishnan said…Thanks to Ranjith sir and director Nikesh sir for giving me this opportunity, thanks to my crew, I am happy to work with Jeevi Prakash sir, you will definitely like this movie thanks.Art director Uday Kumar said…First of all, the main reason for me to work in this film is my thanks to the producer. The story of this film was set in 1980 and it was a challenge for us to bring that period on screen. We have carefully created each frame. Kudos to director Nikesh, surely the movie will give you a new feeling, thanks.Actor Aditya Bhaskar said…The story of this film ended 2 1/2 years ago. Thanks to the director Nikesh who has fought for the film in these 2 1/2 years and brought the film beautifully. I wanted Jeevi Anna to see him in person but he looked at me like a brother in person. I like Ranjith Anna very much. Thanks to him for coming to greet us. Wishing Mamita Baiju many more hits. Many Malayalam friends have acted in the film. The film has come out very well, everyone will like it, thank you.Anand spoke on behalf of Sarigama Company…There is a lot of anticipation for the film Rebel, we are happy to be part of the film’s festival, the songs have come out very well. My best wishes to the music composer and director. My best wishes and thanks to the entire crew.Actor College Vinod said..Hi Jeevi Prakash Sir, I am the last character in this film, this film is very important film for me, I like Ranjith Anna very much, like his film, this film is made with an important politics in mind, not only that but it is enjoyable. It has everything from songs to fight scenes. Thanks to the director Nikesh sir, thanks to Studio Green and the producer who gave me the opportunity. I am a fan of Jeevi Prakash sir. I am a huge fan of his songs right from Veil to today. It was a pleasure working with him, thanks to all.Director-Actor Subramania Siva spoke…Nikesh has directed the first film as a politicized film, a film that boldly expresses the concept of communalism. Doing this in the first film is a huge thing. It is a big thing to speak Tamil so boldly in the first film, many heroes would have been afraid to do this. But thanks to Jeevi for doing so bravely. He also involves himself in small things in the society. Only he can act in such a film. When I saw this movie, I remembered Nayagan. That film is also a film about Tamil hardships in Mumbai. It will be an action film that will make a name for Jeevi like Billa to Ranini. Ranjith is my favorite director. Ranjith is introducing more directors in Tamil cinema after RB Chowdhury and my thanks to him. This film is the real Manjnummal Boys. The story is about Tamil Basanga going to Kerala. A great action movie. The movie will definitely be a big hit thanks.Actress Mamita Baiju said…This is my first Tamil film. A film very close to my heart. Jeevi Prakash Sir is a wonderful Go Star. He was very supportive of me. Everyone has worked hard. This movie has come out great, thank you all for watching and supporting in theaters.Sakthivelan of Shakti Film Factory said…I saw the first copy of this film and the cinematographer threatened me in the first scene. Director Nikesh has told a war story from a unique point of view, a visionary but completely commercial film. It is a splashy commercial film. Jeevi Prakash sir has become a complete action hero. He beats 200 people in the film. But the director has shown it so believably. Applause will fly in the theater for that scene. The good times of Gnanavel sir have begun. The intervening years have had many hardships for him, but beyond all that this year will be a very good one for him. This film has got a great debutant director. I am doing two consecutive films with Jeevi. Both came out great. Pa Ranjit sir has come. I have just released his latest film J Baby. For newcomers to make a name for themselves in a film, his character of working hard was amazing. He continues to introduce new faces in excellent films. My best wishes to him. Rebel will be the most important film in Tamil cinema. Thanks to everyone.Amma Creations T Siva spoke…Before talking about the film Rebel I would like to talk about the real Rebel Pa Ranjith, indeed his revolution in introducing new faces is worthy of praise and appreciation. I saw him as assistant director in Saroja. It’s great that he is making many directors today, I wish him more success, there is no doubt that producer Gnanavel Raja will go to the next level with the success of this film, this film will bring him huge material and success. This film is shot as if it is happening in 80’s time frames, the hard work of the whole crew is known in this trailer of the film, I hope everyone will like the film, my best wishes to the crew, thank you.Director Pa Ranjith said…Is it a rebel film platform? A platform to praise me? I don’t know, I think I’m doing my job right with these compliments. The visuals, trailer and editing of the film are all very good. They have set this story in the background of talking about the problem in Mulla Periyar area, where two states meet. Greetings. I know Jeevi only through Tangalan, everyone says he is a good man, but only after meeting him in person, I know he is a very, very good hearted person. He still has a lot to conquer and do a lot of good to. Producer Gnanavel has been a very important person in many people’s lives. He has been important in my life. Many important people have participated in this film. My greetings to all. In today’s cinema, it is very difficult to include small films, and it is in this situation that Sakthifilm Sakthivelan continues to bring good films to the people. He has to do a lot of this work. I hope Nikesh has carefully addressed the issue of bilingualism in the film. My greetings to all.Actor music Composer er G. V. Prakash said…My thanks to everyone who came here to greet us. Working with Ranjith sir, Thangalan has turned out to be a menacing film. I am doing another film with him in his production. It is a pleasure to work with him. Shakti Anna has seen the movie Rebel, that’s why she is talking so happily. This movie is very good. A story about Tamil, I was happy when it came to me, director Nikesh has taken the true story of his own life and made it into a movie. Mamita Baiju has done this role beautifully. Aditya is the center of this film. It is because of his character that the film is perfect. He has done brilliantly. If actor Vinod starts talking on the phone, he won’t put it on hold even for half an hour, he’s a good guy. He acted well. After a very long year I am doing a film with Studio Green, who started my career as an actor in Darling. This year will be successful for him. After watching Nikesh’s film, I have given him an advance to do the film in my production. He has done so well. Ofro has provided excellent background music and Sidhukumar has composed a Kerala song. I told him to put it in the trailer. Venkatesh doesn’t talk to me at all, he always talks to girls. Good actor. When everyone works with utmost dedication, the film will be better. Mamita Baiju has beautifully understood her role. Antony Anna Love Story will be awesome. It’s a film that everyone likes to work on as a team. A compelling movie about Tamil rights, you all will definitely like this movie, thank you.In this film, G. V. Prakash Kumar, Mamita Baiju, Karunas, Subramania Siva, Shalu Rahim, Venkitesh VP, Aditya Bhaskar, ‘Kalluri’ Vinod, Adira and others have acted. Cinematography by Arun Radhakrishnan, the film features ‘music monster’ G.V. Music composed by Prakash Kumar. Vetri Krishnan has handled the composition work for Udaya to oversee the art direction. Adapted from true incidents, this film is being prepared as an action entertainer and is being produced by the famous producer K. on behalf of Studio Green. E. Gnanavel Raja has produced it at a huge cost.The film will hit theaters worldwide on March 22nd.