Actor Aari Arjunan went in search of working women and gifted them in memory of his mother!!

Actor Ari Arjunan gave gold coins to 10 people as a surprise for cleanliness workers

Actor Ari Arjunan encouraged working women with gold coins!!

A man should be told how to behave – Actor Ari Arjunan !!

Tamil’s leading young actor Aary Arjunan, through his mother’s memory, Revom Parthomwe Foundation, has given the message that women deserve to be celebrated every step of the way.
He met and congratulated 10 people and gave them a gold coin as a surprise gift.

Actor Ari Arjunan, who has been working with social concern like organic farming, natural foods, and helping the community, has been praised by many people for gifting his wife in honor of his mother.

Ari Arjunan said about this..
Every woman deserves to be celebrated every day. There are millions of women here who can work for us and for this society, especially beyond our blood relations like mother, wife, sister, younger sister, child. In memory of my mother, today I have started the task of meeting some women who are working for the society and giving them a small gift as a surprise. Apart from that I am going to do this every year to change the livelihood of the common class.

Shouldn’t I start from home first, thanking my wife who works for my family and wishing all my daughters well.

He said that this society keeps telling how a woman should behave but this society should start telling how a man should behave.

Actor Ari Arjunan personally met and congratulated various workers like 3 road cleaners, 2 women who own a roadside pulp shop, 3 people who work at a petrol station and 2 people who wash dishes in a film production unit and presented them with a gold coin.