The moment Master Raghava Lawrence sowed the seed grew !!

Benefit of Help !!

Actor Raghava Lawrence Leschi has now realized his 20-year dream.

Master Raghava Lawrence, the leading star actor of the Tamil film industry, is more than a film hero, his real-life contributions make him a great star in people’s minds. As a result of his contributions over the past 20 years, the next generation is standing up today. He released a video about it.

Master Raghava Lawrence has been doing many things in the community for the past 20 years. Physically challenged children have achieved great heights by attending his free dance school. Through a hostel, many poor children are given a place to stay and study, and he is making a way for them to rise in life.

This journey started 20 years ago with a mother who came to him for help. Shakti, who came as a boy, has now grown into a young man, completed his studies and joined the workforce today.

Shakti said about this..
I lost my father when I was 4 years old and since then my life is here in my brother’s hostel. The children here are my world. Brother will always keep us happy. Today I completed my studies and joined a private company. He said that I will spend a part of my income here for these children.

Master Raghava Lawrence, who expressed happiness by harnessing power, said…
I am proud that the seed I planted is growing today. A mother who lost her husband 20 years ago said do something for my children. I took them to my house that day, two children have become 60 children today. Shakti has grown up and joined a mission today. He is also trying to join the police force. He said it is very proud.

And Master Raghava Lawrence gave another boy in Shakti’s hand and I will take care of his expenses but Shakti happily accepted the responsibility to pass it on to the next generation as it is your responsibility to bring him up responsibly.

This mind-melting video is going viral on the internet. Fans and general public are all praising Master Raghava Lawrence by sharing this video.

Service is God…

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