Paiyaa re-releases on April 11

Digitally restored version of N Lingusamy’s ‘Paiyaa’ re-releases on April 11!

The digital restoration and re-release of numerous blockbuster films from 14 years ago has captivated both the original fans and the younger generation. This trend has gained momentum in recent times, with an increasing number of films being re-released and receiving a positive response.

Significantly, the year 2010 blockbuster hit movie ‘Paiyaa’, directed by N. Lingusamy, has recently joined the league. It has undergone digital restoration using the latest technology and is scheduled to be re-released on April 11. Thirrupathi Brothers is diligently working on ensuring that the audience receives an exceptional cinematic experience.

A few days ago, a scene from the film was showcased at Kamala Theater, offering a glimpse of what is to come. The enthusiasm and excitement that surrounded the film’s initial release can still be observed among the audience.

Actor Karthi experienced a remarkable transformation from portraying a rough and rural villager in Paruthiveeran to becoming a stylish and modern young man in this film.

The captivating duo of Karthi and Tamannaah received an overwhelming and heartfelt response from the viewers due to their exceptional chemistry. Additionally, the enthralling and fast-paced storyline crafted by N. Lingusamy, along with the magnificent musical composition by Yuvan Shankar Raja, added to the allure of this movie.

It is worth mentioning the comment made by actor Karthi during the film’s release, acknowledging N. Lingusamy for successfully transforming his rough and rural image from Paruthiveeran to a sophisticated city boy look in this movie.

Fans of Karthi are already preparing for the upcoming re-release celebration of ‘Paiyaa’. The re-release of ‘Paiyaa’ is expected to receive a similar reception to its initial release. The efforts for this re-release are being undertaken by producer N. Subhash Chandra Bose.

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