Produced by-Dharmraj Films

Directed by-Lokesh Kumar

Cast-Michael Thangadurai, Gabrilla Sellus, Vinusha Devi, Afsal Hameed, Akshay Kamal, Pragya Nagra and Anupama Kumar

Censor Rating- U/A

Running Time-141 Minutes


Intense emotions showcased capped by writing that is effective backed by an engaging screenplay lifts this flick reasonably high enough with the narration set against the backdrop of Kasimedu in North Chennai.

Vetrimaran included several other filmmakers have tried out this genre but Lokesh has viewed the happenings from a different perspective and the execution too is commendable..

The director deserves kudos for having extracted the best out of the 4 principal players-the brothers in question-Surya (Michael Thangadurai, Soundarya (Gabrilla Sellu), Karthi (Afsal Hameed) and Abhinaya (Vinusha Devi).

Vadivukkarasi as Kannamma, the lady with a good heart who brings them all together scores admirably especially in the scene where she pours her heart out to the foursome.

Azhagu as her husband who returns home after having left her in the lurch is subdued!

Surprisingly, Anupama Kumar fails to impress as a cop who is in need of money.

The screenplay makes a strong statement about the lives of the people in that neighborhood.

The consequences of Drugs and Alcohol addictions have also been portrayed well.

A worthwhile movie that is very realistic.