Produced by-R.S.Infotainment

Written and Wielded by-Vetrimaran

Cast-Soori, Vijay Sethupathi, Bhavani Sre, Rajiv Menon, Gautham Vsudev, Chetan, Ilavarasu, Balaji Sakthivel, Saravana Subbiah etc

Censor Rating-A

Running Time-145 Minutes

Rating- ****

From the past…

Viduthalai (1986) was the title of a Tamil film featuring Sivaji Ganesan, Rajnikanth, Vishnuvardhan etc which was a remake of Feroz Khan’s Qurbani (1980)

Cut to the present…

Based on the short story, Thunaivan, penned by Jeyamohan, discerning filmmaker Vetrimaran who has carved a niche for himself at Kollywood on the merit of his discerning movies which were held close to their audience by the discerning audience, has come up with yet another heart-warming movie that tugs your heart strings while narrating the tale of newly recruited righteous policeman who gets caught in the web between the Government and a revolutionary group!

Vetrimaran’s movies have always upped the expectations of the viewers, film after film and this one takes the audience to a still higher terrain surpassing the expectations!

Vetrimaran’s acumen in drafting a screenplay out of a novel has been established effectively on earlier occasions but this flick is a feather on his cap that bears testimony to that fact!

The film opens with the incidents that follow following a train blast presented through a single shot and that provides the platform for the viewers to watch the rest of the proceedings, sitting glued to the seats!

Kumaresan (Soori, sensitive portrayal!) gets posted in a sensitive, hilly terrain where problems are aplenty.

Much to the displeasure of the powers that be, he saves the life of a woman which drags him a mudded pool!

Vaathiyar (Vijay Sethupathi, good underplay!) is the head of the activist group and the police department launches Ghost Hunt to nab him while his whereabouts remain a mystery!

The clash between the police department and the revolutionary group, wherein Soori gets entangled in the middle is the crux of the plot narrated in a gripping manner.

Police brutality has been showcased powerfully but the point here is, the director has presented those portions in such a manner that the perspectives of the police department in resorting to those methods make it well balanced.

Bhavani Sre who plays Thamizharasi a tribal woman is adequate as the love interest of Soori.

R.Velraj’s cinematography has captured the intense moments magnificently!

The film has so many of tense moments most of which are truly moving!

The violence-content in the film has earned an A Certificate from CBFC but looks justifiable enough.

Ilaiyaraja’s background score elevates the intensity of the narration.

The film’s closing portions tactfully stand suggestive of the sequel to follow and given that fact, the length of this Part 1 could have been pruned a bit…