Produced by-Huebox Studios/Hamsini Entertainment/Ahimsa Entertainment

Written and Directed by -SG Charles

Cast-Aiswarya Rajesh, Lakshmipriya Chandramouli, Karunakaran, Deepa Shankar, Mime Gopi, Sunil Reddy, Shah Ra, Sathish Krishnan and Reddin Kingsley

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-116 Minutes


Aiswarya Rajesh has now grown up in stature as well as in status as a bankable actress cum star who has risen to the level of carrying an entire film on her shoulders!

She does that here again after a couple of successful outings as Driver Jamuna in the recent times!

Her body language and expressions are both supportive to her spontaneity and she has executed herself admirably well!

Lakshmipriya looks homely; so is her portrayal as a girl waiting who is short of speech while waiting on her wings to enter into wedlock with a man of her choice (Sha Ra, who lacks in scope and screen time!)

Karunakaran is subdued as the scheming brother who is an opportunist too!

Mime Gopi impresses in his inimitable style, as always!

Agalya (Aiswarya Rajesh) is the breadwinner of that family consisting of her mom (Deepa Shankar, too loud and dramatic, as ever!), sister Thenmozhi (Lakshmipriya), brother Durai (Karunakaran) besides an ailing dad.

When Durai gets married to a girl of his choice, all that could go wrong, goes wrong and as though adding fuel to the fire, a lucky gift coupon at the purchase of a jewellery fetches a four-wheeler as a gift and from that moment, all hell breaks loose!

Sunil Reddy as the Inspector with a hidden agenda creates a flutter.

The climax sequence involving the mom and two daughters and the Inspector, appears a bit distasteful, especially when the trio makes the henchmen believe that the Inspector is up to somethinbg with the three ladies in question!

Also, the mom and the daughter trying to bargain for the sale of body parts of the old man is far from being humorous!

There are very many lighthearted moments in the film that would entertain the entire family facilitating them enjoy the fun and frolic!