Produced by-Million Dollar Studios/MRP Entertainment

Written and Wielded by-Vinayak Chandrasekaran

Cast-Manikandan, Meetha Raghunath, Ramesh Tilak, Balaji Sakthivel, Raichal Rebecca, Uma Ramachandran etc.

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-143 Minutes


Taking a delicate theme and handling it effectively is certainly no easy task!

Vinayak Chandrasekaran has undoubtedly come up triumphs in that count ably backed by talented team of cast and crew!

Spontaneity sparkles right through the entire proceedings, may it be, the creation and conceptualization of the plot, its execution and of course, the apt performances of an able cast and crew too!

The crux of the plot is about the trials and tribulations experienced by a youth named Mohan (Manikandan, excellent portrayal!) in the IT industry who has a serious issue-snoring while sleeping!

The sound of his snoring while sleeping is so noisy that it disturbs all those around!

His is a joint family -his mom, sister, married sister (Raichel Rebecca) and her husband, Ramesh (Ramesh Tilak).

The bonding between Mohan & Ramesh has been defined quite well.

Titled as Motor Mohan, the protagonist becomes a laughing stock at his work place, not only because of his lack of proficiency in English but more because of his snoring issues!

Anu (Meetha Raghunath) is a simple looking orphan girl employed in an audit firm. Her house-owners (Balaji Sakthivel & Kausalya Natarajan) stand by her as her guardians!

A chance meeting between Mohan and Anu lead them both into love following which they get into wedlock!

Not before long, Mohan’s ‘sound of sleep’ surfaces in-between and they are drawn apart, emotionally!

How things get sorted out is the interesting rest!

Meetha Raghunath is too good for words.

Raichel Rebecca is also impressive while

Humor courses through the proceedings in a very casual manner.

A fun filled family entertainer that is certainly worth watching!