Produced by-Kannan Ravi Group

Scripted and Directed by-Vikram Sugumaran

Cast-Shanthnu Bhagyaraj, Anandhi, Prabhu, Ilavarasi, Sanjay Saravanan, Deepa Shankar, Aruldoss, Thenappan, Maari etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-143 Minutes


Shanthnu Bhagyaraj’s dream of making it big on the big screen which has evaded him for long since his debut in Sakkaratti, long time ago, has at last been fructified through this flick by Vikrama Sugumaran of Madhayaanai Kottam fame.

With a script that speaks about a specific social issue, the film has facilitated Shanthnu to put his best foot forward and he has made the best use of the opportunity in an appreciable manner.

With such a strong story line that deliberates on the greedy attitudes of the political powers that be, set against a rural backdrop, the film places a couple of pertinent questions on the political platform and how still, the tactic of divide and rule prevails!

The plot is about the greediness of some corporates which join hands with the politicians so as to spoil the environ in rural belts for the sake of their business ventures that eventually cause havoc by disturbing the environment putting the livelihood of the people living there in jeopardry!

Prabhu is all dignity personified while Ilavarasu is subdued.

Anandhi does her part in a passable manner reminding the viewers of the Loosu Ponnu characterization!

Vetrivel Mahendran’s camera has captured the village scenario effectively.

Justin Prabhakaran’s background score is noteworthy.

The film offers some food for thought regarding some social issues for all those powers that be!

The producers need to be lauded for coming to back a project that deals with a ticklish issue.