Produced by-Dream Warrior Pictures

Written and Wielded by -Nelson Venkatesan

Cast-Aiswarya Rajesh, Jithan Ramesh, Kitty, Anmol, Iswarya Dutta and Se4lvaraghavan

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-141 Minutes


Whatever said and done, Nelson Venkatesan deserves a pat on his back for his sense of detailing while elaborating on the intricacies of an orthodox, conservative family that follows the faith of Islam. More so for shedding positive light on their style of living under the joint family system!

Aiswarya is going up the ladder of success, steadily and stealthily and this title character that she has portrayed here is certainly a milestone in her career!

Kudos to her!

Dream Wartrior Pictures is one banner that knows the knack of picking scripts that will jell well with the masses and this film bears testimony to that fact!

Jithan Ramesh makes an appearance after a very time while recording his presence in a subtle yet effective manner as the husband of the protagonist.

Kitty asserts his experience as the head of that family.

Selvaraghavan’s characterization is a surprise package.

The camera of Gokul Benoy has captured the curves and bends of that housing portion that accommodates several families!

Justin Prabhakaran’s music is adequate and fills the bill appropriately.

A well educated Farhana takes up a job at a Call Centre owing to her family circumstances and all goes well at the work place but once when she seeks a change of department, things fail to fall in place. She steps out of her job-related orbit much against restrictions with respect to a particular call and her initiatives in that regard, lands her up in troubled waters as the person at the other end tires to exploit her advances!

A dramatic end draws the film to a close!

There are a few pertinent points that could be raised against the initiatives of the protagonist towards that particular caller but those could be discounted when a chart of comparison is drawn on the merit of the in depth detailing done by the filmmaker.