Produced by-Countryside Films

Directed by- Sadhu Burlington

Cast- Ajidhan Thavasimuthu, KG Visnu, S.B.Aparna, S.Chellappan, mM.A.Mersin, J. Jenish etc

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-95 Minutes


Set around the life of a little boy who is very passionate about cricket the film is well conceived and crafted which is not merely a children’s film but a feel-good flick that talks about the coming of age of boys of his age!

The filmmaker has focused more on telling the story through visuals than using verbal ones which eventually makes watching a pleasant experience, so to say!

The screenplay opens up well suggesting several nostalgic cues that transport the viewers to a different world while the narration, set against the backdrop of a hamlet in Tamilnadu, in the proximity of Kerala border.

Samuel is a likeable lad who is very obsessed with cricket but is unable to make his dreams grow bigger as he is small!

He feels that possessing a cricket bat would ring in a difference and hence he steps out when he comes to know that in exchange of some cards he can become the proud owner of a bat!

As the story unfolds, the director resorts to several twists in the tale which facilitates the film to turn serious with some dark shades in tow!

The boy is forced to walk a path moving from right to wrong while the innocence showcased so far, till then, takes a bow while exiting!

The director’s quest to travel in a direction that is out of the ordinary is evident and he certainly needs to be complimented for that!